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    LOG DATE 11/10/19, 14:00 EASTERN

    The Macros nanobots have gone haywire.

    They've hacked into the staff's armor
    mainframe, forcing our team members to
    attack anything that moves.

    I'm beaming us down to Camp /Spawn.
    We'll need your help to break the compromised
    armor off of them.

    I'm not sure how much time I have left before
    they get me too. Good luck--
    | Event Information:
    WHEN - 2PM 10 November 2019​
    WHERE - The warzone around /spawn​
    7 staff members ( @TK1T @Annie @Michael @Chris @HeyItsRichy @Grapefruit @earl ) will run around the /spawn area, with inventories full of goodies, including mystery spawners, crate keys, exclusive "Admin" armor, our heads, and maybe even a hint to the coordinates of one of the Legendary Items.​
    While they cannot fight back to kill, they are able to hit you away with a stick, and will have Speed III and Resistance IV. They will be marked with particles to be more easily differentiated from players, as shown below.​
    Anything you get from their broken, pinata bodies will be yours to keep -- that is, if you can escape with it all.​
    Happy hunting, SpaceDeltans!​
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