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  • Suggestion | Factions - A dueling/war system


    New Member
    User name: DanYxHD

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What server is your suggestion for?

    Briefly describe your suggestion in ten words or less.
    A dueling/war system

    Give us a detailed explanation of your suggestion; include everything you can think of.
    When two players argue about a certain reason they shouldn't be toxic to each other! They can resolve the situation thru a 1vs1 duel ! This will work for factions wars aswell ! thru this maybe you guys can add a rewarded event that is best out of 3 of some minigame or kit for factions. That doesnt mean just pvp , it can be any type of minigame

    Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community?
    It will make it more fun when u can have friendly battles or wagers

    Describe how we should go about implementing your suggestion.
    A plugin that adds /duel command where u can place bets , items , money


    New Member
    I'd love to see this added. This could also stop these 2v1's, when you agree to a 1v1 and someone joins in.