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  • Suggestion | Factions Earth - Price Reduction for Keys


    New Member
    User name: Ryan1735

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What server is your suggestion for?
    Factions Earth

    Briefly describe your suggestion in ten words or less.
    Price Reduction for Keys

    Give us a detailed explanation of your suggestion; include everything you can think of.
    Spending $8 for 1 key that most likely gives you something useless makes buying keys very unappealing. Buying 5 costs nearly $29, I don't know about everyone else but this price point hits negative returns for people buying the keys making them unlikely to be bought. I personally would love to buy keys but at their current price they're a bit ridiculous. I understand this is a business, however without making them affordable there's no point of even having them on buycraft. I suggest a repricing of the entire shop based on profits and determine what the buying price is for those who are purchasing these items. Keep in mind the size of the server and amount of players.

    Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community?
    It'll make buying items off of buycraft much more affordable for those looking. The economy will become better for all players as more items will be able to circulate around the map.

    Describe how we should go about implementing your suggestion.
    Look into repricing and if you find a good price that is acceptable to the owner replace the previous price with the new price.