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    New Member
    User name: SpaceFreak127

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    Factions Earth

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    Stardust Gain

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    Adding Teir 1 Stardust Shipments to Witches loot table

    Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community?
    Because stardust is so hard to come across and the witch spawners really are not worth the grind for 1500 star dust per spawner you could give them a buff by adding tier 1 StarDust Shipment to the witches loot table instead of normal glowstone and it would be pretty balanced and make witch spawners more worth it.
    This would be op u say?
    IMO tier 1 shipment give a max of 10 dust and if u set the drop rate it the vanilla 12.5 % drop rate i can see it getting op but to fix that lower the chances to like 8% or 10% cause its still a CHANCE to get 10 dust u could get 1-10 so u have to be kinda lucky in the first place.


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