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  • Suggestion | Factions - Hopper upgrade


    New Member
    User name: DanYxHD

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What server is your suggestion for?

    Briefly describe your suggestion in ten words or less.
    Hopper upgrade

    Give us a detailed explanation of your suggestion; include everything you can think of.
    You guys can add in /f upgrade a perk that makes the hoppers speed , in that faction's claims , increase

    Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community?
    When the big factions have big farms , i have this problem in the moment of this post , the hoppers from there automatic farms can't keep up with the spawner drops , so the drops wont be picked up by the hoppers and they will get despawned.

    Describe how we should go about implementing your suggestion.
    There should be a plugin with increasing the hopper speed or you guys can make hoppers stackable so you can stack more hoppers in one place but it has more speed (this action could be made to require money when you do that) Hope that you guys can add this before the reset happens :D


    Staff Member
    I like the idea of up-gradable hoppers, but an f upgrade seem too powerful. IMO it should be a per hopper upgrade or tiered hoppers? 'something like your stackable suggestion' idk something more balanced tho.


    Helper · England
    I also like the idea of upgradable hoppers when it comes to speed, but after all, comes down to server performance!