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    New Member
    User name: Jxnsen

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What server is your suggestion for?

    Briefly describe your suggestion in ten words or less.
    Add a top members page on forums

    Give us a detailed explanation of your suggestion; include everything you can think of.
    I'd love to see an area on forums where you can see who has the most messages and new members who have joined the forums. This can add more things to see on the forums as currently there isn't a section dedicated to members.

    Why should this suggestion be implemented? How will it benefit the community?
    This should be added to see who has the most messages as this can show players who to go to with potential questions if the staff are unavailable. It would just be cool to see top members list and new members. This could add something to do with the players more too as they are important people on this network. As well as, this will look good to the eye.

    Describe how we should go about implementing your suggestion.
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    New Member
    I would like it an example would be,
    Junior Member 0-49 posts
    Member 50-99 posts
    Senior member 100+ posts
    Recruiter I don't know how many, but it's based on referring friends.
    Master recruiter Same as above with more referrals.
    It would be nice but there could be other roles that would be handed out through the mods like,
    Well known, etc.
    (Names don't matter this is just a suggestion to how it could be laid out.)
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