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    // FACTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you're not sure what Factions are, this might not be the first guide you'll want to start with!​
    SpaceDelta is, as of this guide being written, a Factions server. This means that players join teams, or "Factions", claim territory, and try to dominate the map each season to nab the "F Top" prize. Factions need to industrialize their bases, fortify defenses, create farms / grinders, as well as attack enemy factions to weaken or steal from them.​
    SpaceDelta's Factions allow you to /f upgrade

    The gamemode has been around for years and there are innumerable strategies and playstyles that I won't be able to cover in this guide -- I recommend familiarizing yourself with the gamemode through some of our official and community guides, or just jumping into the server and giving it a try!​
    // SPECIES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Species is a custom-coded feature unique to SpaceDelta. Players are able to choose a "Species" when they start -- the resourceful Terrans, the brutal Zaiyou, or the inventive Macros. Each Species offers the player three sub-branches of skills, giving the player dozens of choices and new abilities.​
    Read up on the Species on our official Species Guide here!​

    // MODULES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // The following feature is under construction! Estimated Release: Season 3 \\
    Another unique feature to SpaceDelta -- Modules are our take on Custom Enchants, a common but overused feature on Factions servers. Rather than new enchantments, you can apply "statistic modules" to your armor, tools and weapons, such as Lifesteal, Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Vitality, etc.​
    True to classic RPG gameplay, these Modules can affect your health, damage, survivability. That's not all though -- each Species Skill also scales with a certain module stat! For instance, a Sword-Mastery Zaiyou's skills might grow stronger with Strength and Penetration modules.​
    With limited slots on each piece of equipment, you'll need to be extra strategic about what module stats to choose: will you sacrifice your damage to sponge up attacks for your team? Or will you forge bravely forward without a care for survival, taking down as many enemies as you can with you?​

    // CASINO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Whew! Those are some big features; let's move on to something more lighthearted — and much easier to understand — winning money from other people!​
    As of Season 3, our Casino is currently under construction to bring you guys a vast array of casino-game options later in the season, like potion gambling and a wheel of fortune. Right now, however, we’ve left one game available: CoinFlip.​
    Place a CoinFlip bet of either “Heads” or “Tails” with the command: /cf new <h/t> <amount>.Other players can then take you up on your bet by using /cf show and clicking on your icon. Conversely, you can also use this list to take up others’ bets.​

    // KOTHS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Back to Factions! KOTH — or King of the Hill — is a competitive team event that occurs twice a day on Earth: once at Eden and once at the Lunar colony. While there are no direct warps to either of the two KOTH arenas, our /warp menu offers teleports fairly close by,​
    KOTH involves factions fighting to capture a small central area, or “Capture Point”, by remaining on the point without dying or being pushed off for ten minutes. To start capturing (“capping”), at least one member of the faction must be physically present on the point, at which the current “capping” faction will be broadcast across the server.​
    Only one faction can be “capping” at once, and the only way to stop the current faction from “capping” is to remove the faction from the point, either by killing them or knocking them out of the point.​
    If a faction is able to hold the point for ten minutes cumulatively, they have successfully won the KOTH and will receive an array of prizes including crates and exclusive armor pieces.​

    // OUTPOSTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Want to fight for something a little more long-term? Outposts are similar to KOTHs, but rather than getting a one-time reward, you receive boosts for as long as you can “hold” the Outpost. Capture either the Meadow or Glacial Outposts in Asia and Antarctica respectively to gain damage and sell-price multipliers for as long as you can lay claim to them!​
    There are no warps to the Outposts, so you'll need to scour the continents to get to them.​

    // FISHING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The ravages of war have left Earth's oceans and lakes packed with debris -- not so great for the ecosystem, but pretty nifty for adventurers hungry for free loot. Rewards can range from old boots to spawners, so grab a rod whenever you're tired of the Faction grind, and try to reel in some goodies for you and your faction.​

    // LEGENDARIES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Legendary Items are incredibly powerful tools and weapons that are enchanted far beyond vanilla limitations. They’re hidden around the world within the ruins of Macros Pods — one in each continent except Asia, which has two.​
    More information about these Legendaries can be found in our Official Legendary Items Guide here.​

    // HORDES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Outsmarting and devastating other Factions might make up the most of Earth’s activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let off some steam by carving through some stinky zombies. Hordes of monsters occasionally spawn at the Lunar Colony (/moon)​
    Each horde stands a chance to have the following mutations: Giant, Deadly, Venomous, Swift, Demonic, Regenerating, Diseased, Sluggish, Forceful and Dazzling --- giving them special effects and making them especially dangerous.​
    All horde monsters are stronger and tankier than their vanilla counterparts, and drop much more loot -- including ore blocks, spawners, and the rare resource, Stardust.​

    // ACHIEVEMENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [To Be Added]​

    // MISSIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [To Be Added]​
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