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Welcome to SpaceDelta

IP: SpaceDelta.Us

Earn Real Cash Rewards

About SpaceDelta

Locally Hosted

We locally host our server on our own computer specifically made for hosting on 1GB WiFi! No lag for you today. For our nerds out there, we are running on 16GB of RAM.

Unique Builds

Everything on SpaceDelta is built by our lovely build team. We have over 20+ maps for you to play on. You won't find our exceptional builds anywhere except on our server. 

Great Staff Team

We have one of the friendliest staff teams on the planet. Seriously. Come and play with us to receive high rewards, or report cheaters directly ingame. Whatever floats your boat.


Someone said they would pay me ingame if I got them a rank, but they never payed me. What do I do?

What you need to do is go into the reports section of this website and fill that out. Then, we will look into our transactions and ingame transactions and see which side is at fault. If you paid the money and the other person is at fault, then we will refund as much as we can. 

When is the optimal time to buy ranks?

Big sales are the best time to buy ranks. At the end and beginning of every season we will have a 50% off sale. During winter and summer breaks are when the shop is 70% off. 

You can buy skins ingame with ingame cash**

How do I play?

There is a book you spawn with in the lobby that tells you all the details you need to know. If you don't want to read it, then you can always just experience and play to get used to it!

Prison is another gamemode we offer on the side. You basically mine blocks with your pickaxe from your kit and sell the blocks to earn money. 

What can I do with money?

You can buy custom enchantments and perks using /ce ; These  enchantments will be used on Prison pickaxes. 

If you only like some parts of ranks, you can buy specific permissions (/ps). 

If you are looking for an easy way to get money, voting gives you lots, and it only takes about 5 minutes!

I cannot connect to the server, why is that?

The server is either down for maintenance, or your internet is preventing you to connect to our IP. It is most likely the first one if you are seeing this on your WiFi.

Nobody is on, what do I do?

The server offers Prison mines for you to get money. Use /kit (rank) and get a free pickaxe once in a while. If you really want to play with someone on our paintball gamemode, just go on our discord and hit up one of us (staff).


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