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    Newsletter Delta Newsletter 2/19/20 || Season 3 New Features and Updates!

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    | PREFACE ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Hello, SpaceDeltans! Welcome back to another season of Factions Earth!​
    During our two recent beta sessions, we got hundreds of suggestions and reports from you guys. Since then, our admin team has been working tirelessly to look through your feedback and implement your great ideas. The rest of this newsletter will detail what we've changed since Season 2, some backend/team changes, and some cool community activities for you guys.​
    Let's get into things!​

    | SEASON 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Here's what you need to know about starting...​

    Newsletter Delta Newsletter 12/6/19 || Season End, New Changes and F Top

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    | CHANGELOG 2.1
    Hello again, SpaceDeltans! It's almost the end of the season, and what an intense season it's been! Before we start talking about some of the changes that will be made over the next season, here are the changes we've deployed since the last newsletter!​

    ► Added boss-bars for ability activations and deactivations​
    ► Fixed performance issues with the Siren "Fountain of Luck" and "Days of Salem" abilities​
    ► Experience notifications are now visible via the bossbar when gaining Species XP​
    ► Fixed issue where rank vouchers would sometimes not give out ranks​
    ► Fixed performance issues with mobstacking plugin​
    ► Fixed issue where some mobs were not completely static / had AI​
    ► Temporarily removed Hordes due to them being bugged; will...​

    Newsletter Delta Newsletter 2.0 || Post-Release

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    Hello, SpaceDeltans! It's been a whole week since release -- and what a release it was! We've seen brawls and squabbles, new friendships forged through adversity, and lots of intense Faction action. I can't wait to see what the next week might bring; but first, let's get into our newsletter for the week.​
    | F TOP: WEEK 1
    The following are our f top winners for week 1.​
    F TOP 1 | hunnibees - $75 Paypal, $75 BuyCraft​
    F TOP 2 | Oplument - $25 Paypal, $75 BuyCraft​
    F TOP 3 | nerdnecks - $50 BuyCraft​
    A huge congratulations to all of our winners, your hard work has paid off. Now, will they hold the throne for another week...​

    Newsletter Official Factions Earth Release: 2.0!

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    Hello again, SpaceDeltans! Welcome to the release of Factions Earth: 2.0!

    Fueled by your feedback, the staff team has had plenty of time to discuss some changes in direction and balances. Over the course of our first release, we saw factions rise and fall amidst vicious competition. Hundreds of dollars of ftop paypal were won over the course of the season, and now it's time for a fresh start.

    Let's get into things!

    Factions Earth will be released at the following times. To check what that means for your timezone, click here.​
    Saturday, 1:00 PM EST
    November 2nd...

    Newsletter Newsletter 1.0 - Post-Release Notes and Future Plans

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    Hello hello, SpaceDeltans!

    It's been almost a month since our release, and it's certainly been a hectic few weeks! The staff team and I have finally made a dent in our workload - adding patches and optimizations - and so it's about time to start our weekly-ish announcement newsletters. I'll be posting these every so often, to keep you guys updated on changes and upcoming plans.

    Since release, the following large changes have been made to the server:​

    ★ Buffed crate rewards in Common, removed completely useless items such as dirt​
    ★ Added descriptions to items in crates to clarify item quant. of more than 1​
    ★ Changed various messages and prefixes to reflect server theme​
    ★ Set up ban appeal forum application​
    ★ Set up staff application forms​

    Official Official EARTH 1.0 Release Information

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    I'm Annie, the resident Content Manager. I've got some exciting news today: we're here with some information about the upcoming release!

    Release will take place on Saturday, 24th August 2019, at 2PM EST.​
    To see what this translates to in your timezone, click here.​
    Seasons will most likely last up to 6 months, depending on the progression of the server.​
    There will be a grace period of 7 days from SOTW, where explosions will not break blocks. Use this time to build up your defences!​
    Please make sure to read all of our rules before you start playing!​

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